Your success is our success. We are grateful to play a role in it.

VJ’s unique blend of management and facilitation skills had a significant impact on the implementation and success of our Indigenous strategic planning day… It was instrumental in obtaining program funding and setting the course for future activities of the office.

Frances Chandler

Director, Ch'nook Indigenous Business Education Centre

VJ is an absolute master facilitator that brings a unique blend of expertise and engagement to all of his sessions. He is a big reason we are where we are today. If you are looking for someone who is going to be thoughtful and deliberate in how he shows up for your company, VJ is your guy!

Dan Tatton

Founder, Seven Movements

VJ’s human-first approach emphasized the importance of customer conversations and helped guide product design to where it is today.

Igor Terzic

Founder, Hack Your Human

Empathy, trust and analysis. This unique blend of skills allowed VJ to empathically represent UBC in the Indigenous community and guide our community-focused Indigenous programming.

Justin Bull

Faculty, Sauder School of Business, UBC

Whether as a facilitator or consultant, VJ’s contribution is one of connection and delivery. Bringing humanity in connection, both to internal and external stakeholders, and excellent in delivery, ensuring a thoughtful and quality service is provided.

Sunah Cho

Staff, Sauder School of Business, UBC

Rubina Coka

Founder of Project Massar

Cindy Chan

Student Testimonials

So grateful for your gentle teachings, wisdom and endless positive energy and compassion. You are the best online instructor I’ve ever had!


FNTC Student

Very understanding, excellent communication with everyone, feeling of comfort with everyone and always goes out of his way to help with problems.


FNTC Student

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