An engaging, educational and guided dialogue within your organization, as you explore a deepened sense of self and a desire to serve your community.


Staying engaged while having fun!


Our facilitation approach initiates early stage dialogue in your organization on how you can best serve yourself while also serving your community.

Designed to meet you where you’re at, it will increase your resilience through:

Invites “mindfulness” into understanding your business challenges.

Invites “kindness” and appreciation for the situation you’re in.

Invites “resourcefulness” to invoke action appropriate to you.

Our facilitation sessions are engaging, playful, and supported by case studies.

Facilitating Services

Setting your “North Star”

Get your bearings and set your compass. Explore your past to appreciate the present and set your future. Assess and set your values, vision, mission and other guidelines.

Conducting Meaningful Consultation

Use humility when engaging with your ideal, or prospective customer. Learn to use an approach that most resonates with your client. Especially important when seeking to serve those who feel marginalized.

Scaling your Business; Using Human Centered Design

You are what you say no to. Find the appropriate balance when scaling your business that is authentic to you and those you serve. Learn how to implement objective evaluation strategies to assist in your business decision. Remember, there is no right or wrong decision, but rather only good choosing.

Strategic Planning with Purpose

Develop or revisit your strategic plan, ensuring that your values and needs of customers are meaningfully incorporated. Engage the appropriate stakeholders and participate in a session that brings all voices to the table.

Our Client Success


Creating space for all stakeholders

UBC Sauder

UBC Sauder School of Business


Conducting Meaningful Consultation & Strategic Planning


Managed engagement of over 200 stakeholders. Facilitated a full-day strategic planning session to nearly 60 participants comprising of various stakeholder groups including faculty, staff, Indigenous community members, students, and donors.


Produced a final report highlighting major themes and identifying key objectives for Ch’nook strategic plan. Contributed to significant funding subsequently received by Ch’nook to implement strategy.


Setting the stage with interactive icebreakers!


Vancouver Aboriginal Transformative Justice Services Society


Strategic Planning with Purpose


Facilitated multi-day strategic planning session to staff, volunteers and board members. Brought awareness to organizational values, client needs, and perspectives strategies.


A summary report highlighting key takeaways from session and proposed strategic initiatives. Participants felt engaged, re-connected, heard, and an increased sense of contribution.

Radius SFU

Connecting at an ecosystem level




Scaling your Business: Using Human Centered Design


Developed leading-edge venture program curriculum, supports, and delivery models. Led venture recruitment, selection and alumni engagement. Facilitated launch, growth and scale-phase ventures through social-impact incubator and accelerator programs.


Graduation of investment-ready ventures, resulting in a total investment over $100k in six ventures. Graduation of 30+ launch and growth stage ventures to help deepen their social-impact interventions.

More Facilitation

Foundations of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

First Nations Technology Council (FNTC)
Foundational skills in Innovation & Technology

Strategic Planning with Purpose

Sauder Social Entrepreneurship
Foundational skills in Entrepreneurship

Foundational skills in Entrepreneurship

Customer Discovery

Scaling your Business: Using HCD

Foundational skills in Entrepreneurship


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