A collaborative, in-depth approach to assess your values and those of your customers to then inform business strategies authentic to you. 


The complete “Authenticate and Triangulate™” process consists of three distinct but connected services, each producing a deeper insight and authenticity:

1. Guided Self-Assessment
Start Where You Are

2. Customer Discovery
Know Who You Serve

3. Strategy Development & Implementation
Act Authentically


Using two-way communicate to reinforce shared understanding

Consulting Services

Step 1:

Guided Self-Assessment

Start Where You Are.

We take an empathetic, in-depth approach to exploring your organization. Yes, this means the good (what’s working), the bad (what’s not) and the ugly (what you’re avoiding).

We explore your “North Star” through your vision, mission, values and other guiding principles. This will help identify opportunities and challenges when it comes to making strategic decisions.

You’ll discover what matters most to your organization.

Step 2:

Customer Discovery

Know Who You Serve.

We help you better serve your customer. This means guiding your identification of your ideal customer and determining what their top values are.

You can’t be everything to everyone, so we help cut through the noise to authentically serve your customer.

You’ll discover what matters most to your customer.

Step 3:


Act Authentically.

We take an analytical approach to ensure you’re making business decisions true to you while serving your customer.

This includes updating key components of your business model such as value proposition, market analysis, marketing and financial forecasts.

You’ll discover a strategy to authentically serve your needs while honouring those of your customer.

Our Client Success


Bridging the gap between you and your customer

UBC Sauder

University of British Columbia


Customer Discovery


Conducted an in-depth market analysis to better understand the needs of Indigenous learners in a business context. Informed UBC Sauder’s programming to align with UBC’s Indigenous Strategic Plan and needs of Indigenous learners.


UBC Sauder delivered a successful asynchronous program pilot to Indigenous learners in remote communities.


Product design with your customer in mind

Hack Your Human

Hack Your Human


Customer Discovery & Strategy


Developed a customized customer discovery process targeted at health care professionals. Guided Hack Your Human throughout it’s customer discovery journey and subsequent strategic implementation based on breakthrough findings.


Hack Your Human updated it’s application to better serve its target audience and is positioning itself to re-launch.


Listening with empathy and understanding




Guided Self-Assessment & Strategy


Conducted interviews with UBC Sauder faculty and staff to determine their awareness of and readiness to better integrate Indigenous content into the curriculum. Proposed implementation strategies to align with UBC’s Indigenous Strategic plan.


UBC Sauder hired an Indigenous education coordinator and was successful in receiving external funding to increase Indigenous programming support.

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