We connect authenticity to profitability.

Most Connected takes a value-based, customer-driven approach to guide business strategy. Using a human-centered approach, one that is centered on you and your customer, we lead businesses to improved:


Increase self awareness, deepened understanding of your customer, and how the “me and we” overlap. This is where the opportunity lies.


An increased awareness of your current and potential impact, recognizing the inherent benefit to following through on your values.


Commitment to self and your relation to your clients will improve differentiation, highlight your uniqueness, and lead to increased profitability.


Seeing humanity in business.


Inspiring businesses to see the value of doing business in service to humanity.


Every business has a purpose. What’s yours?



Peace is the aversion of war. Understanding that while we are all separate, we are also all one. Accepting our differences, in a peaceful manner, and moving forward together.


Character is most challenged in difficult situations. When the going gets tough, we move forward with love, open-mindedness, and in line with our values.


All for one, and one for all. Recognizing the balance in serving the self and serving others. Much like our clients, we too are in the process of continuous self-acceptance and growth.


Life is hard. So is business, especially good business. Let’s have some fun while we’re at it! Shall we?

What is human?

Being human means recognizing the importance of relationships in business: the importance of the self and the customer, as humans in a business setting.

Navigating our human experience means exploring the overlap between the personal and the professional.


Hey, how’s business doing today?

Vanja (VJ) Terzic


Being born in Yugoslavia, a country once prosperous yet now divided, has shaped VJ’s worldview and instilled in him the importance of connection.

An engineer turned entrepreneur, VJ leverages a broad spectrum of analytical and interpersonal skills to support businesses in realizing their authentic offering and to see the “humanity in business”. Combining a unique combination of analytical, management and communication skills, VJ brings a holistic approach to address the client’s needs.

Integrating a human-centered approach, VJ strives to personalize his approach to the needs of the client and uplifting them towards their authentic offering, deepened impact and ultimately, increased profitability.

Outside of work, VJ can be found playing basketball, conquering the mountains, or getting lost in a book*.


* Most /mōst/ means bridge and is inspired by “The Bridge on the Drina” by Ivo Andrić (historical novel revolving around a famous bridge in the former Yugoslavia). Furthermore, the name “Most Connected” represents duality and connection. Connection between the self and the other, much like connection between two lands; duality in the sense that there is no bridge without the gap.

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